Multi-tiered Model of Support

The project’s multi-tiered model of support includes technical assistance provided at the following levels: 

  1. Universal Support: This is where information and resources are disseminated to family members, schools, early intervention personnel, and agency personnel. You’ll find universal technical assistance in the following places:
    • on the project’s website
    • embedded in project partner’s resources and information
    • in the project’s communication and outreach materials, including social marketing tools such as the project’s FaceBook page
  2. Targeted Support:  This level of assistance builds statewide capacity and increases knowledge and understanding on how to provide meaningful early intervention, academic, and post-school outcomes for children and youth with DeafBlindness. Targeted support is found in the following places: 
    • workshops and training delivered in person at state conferences and family learning weekends
    • distant professional development opportunities through online platforms such as webinars and modules
  3. Intensive Support: This level of TA is time-specific and designed for committed teams to implement interventions with a particular student or around a specific systemic issue for building capacity within the state. Activities at this level may include: 
    • assessing, mentoring, and modeling interventions and  instructional strategies for teams to implement
    • other activities negotiated with teams that lead to observable and measurable change