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Transition to Employment Webinar Series
hosted by the Montana Deaf-Blind Project

The purpose of this series of webinars is to provide teams supporting students with deaf-blindness and a significant impact of disability, the tools to: explore community employment as a post-school outcome for all of their students; begin identifying students’ interests, skills and abilities, and support needs; and, identify tasks the student could offer in employment. The end goal of the webinar series in year one is for teams to use the information to create an individualized work experience for a student they are currently working with.

Webinar One: Accessing Competitive Integrated Employment through a Customized Approach

This session will introduce audience members to strategies called customized employment and discovery; explain how discovery can be used as an alternative to traditional assessments, to highlight a student’s interests, abilities, support needs, and potential work tasks.  

Webinar Two:  Using the Strategies of Discovery to Learn about the Student

This session will introduce the strategies of observation, interview and description to assist teams to identify skills and interests, ideal conditions for success, and potential tasks that a student could do for employment.

Webinar Three: Translating the Information Learned in Discovery into Characteristics of a Well-matched Work Experience

This session will illustrate how to translate interests and skills into job tasks, and perceived barriers to employment into ideal conditions for success. 

The final webinar in this series will talk about how to translate what you have observed and learned during the work experience (or other Discovery activities) into a plan for additional work experiences and/or a blueprint for the student’s well-matched job.

The University of Montana provides reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities who request and require them. Please contact Kim Brown for information and to arrange accommodations.

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