About the Montana DeafBlind Project

The Montana DeafBlind Project is located at the Rural Institute at the University of Montana- Missoula. Individuals from birth through age 21 who are impacted by both vision and hearing loss are eligible for project services. Staff of the Montana DeafBlind Project provide information, technical assistance, and professional development to families and professionals who provide services to individuals who are DeafBlind.

The Montana DeafBlind project works to: 

  • Build capacity and improve services within Montana to increase outcomes for students who are DeafBlind.
  • Increase the resources and expertise available through collaborative partnerships at the state, regional and national levels.

The project supports national initiatives that include the following:

  • Early Identification and Referral
  • Family Engagement
  • Assessment, Planning and Instruction 
  • Transition 
  • Professional Development for staff working with students with deaf-blindness
  • National Child Count 

The Montana DeafBlind project provides technical assistance through a Multi-Tiered Model of Support to families, educators, administrators, and related service providers at three levels of support: universal, targeted, and intensive.

Meet the Staff 

Ellen Condon, Project Co-Director 

Kim Brown, Project Co-Director

Theresa Baldry, Project Coordinator

Project Partners 

The Montana DeafBlind Project’s initiatives are implemented in collaboration with the following state agencies: