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DB Project Logo Purple BoxThe focus of the Montana Deaf-Blind Project is to expand the knowledge and skills of family members, teachers, and service providers who interact with children who have both vision and hearing losses. A goal of the project is to support the adoption of “best practices”. We want to share information that helps people use strategies that have proven to be successful with children with dual-sensory impairments.

Having both a vision and hearing loss presents unique needs and challenges. The combined sensory loss creates barriers in the areas of communication. This, in turn, impacts other areas, including - behavior, learning, education, leisure time, and employment.

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The Deaf-Blind Project helps families and service providers address these challenges through:

Project services are provided year-round, at no cost. They include a lending library of books, videos/DVDs, assistive technology equipment, and adaptive toys.

Infants from birth, toddlers, children, and young adults through age twenty-one are eligible for services if they:

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Parents of children and young adults who are deaf-blind shared the wisdom they have gained over time. To see the whole document, please visit

Please explore the resources we have put together on this website. We encourage you to contact us if we can help you in any way.

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